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Friday, March 20, 2015

So you think I post too many pics of my kid, huh?

Well, hello there!

"You're only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself."
-Richard Bach

This being my first blog post, I thought it appropriate to talk about social media. For back story, etc - see 'About Me'.. or my bio page... I don't know, I'll set that up later. I just have to get this off my chest first.

So we'll just get right to it.

The other day, someone alluded to the idea that I might post too many pictures of my (ADORABLE) 1 year old son on Facebook. To appropriately put yourself in my shoes, let that soak in for a sec. You can do so while looking at a picture of my aforementioned adorable son, Tristan.

(I know, he really is so sweet and handsome and funny and cute and intelligent and charming....)

Ok, back to it. Honestly, my first reaction was embarrassment. You don't want to be 'that person'. ....then I got defensive, thinking, 'Well, you can just unfriend me if you don't think my son is the cutest thing to ever walk the planet!' ...But that's not really the right reaction, either...

I just brushed it off as one person's opinion (which, BELIEVE ME, with my job - that's a talent you get VERY good at, fast!) and went about my day. But it stuck with me. I found myself going back to that comment, really bothered by it... which is annoying. I realized it's because A) it's a tough balance to maintain and B) strikes a chord because you're putting yourself out there. You're vulnerable. That's particularly tough for me.

After much thought, I figured out my answer to why I share so many images of my sweet little boy and to those that might think it excessive. Here goes:

My little family lives far away from our loved ones. We moved to East Texas for my career. A career I am incredibly passionate about and enjoy every day. (I have an amazingly supportive husband.) We moved here knowing literally ONE PERSON within 100 miles.

My husband and I have the incredible blessing of wonderful, beautiful families and of picking up some of the coolest, strongest friends along the way. Dozens and dozens of people scattered all across this country.

People who love my son hugely. 
With big, beautiful hearts. 
The best circle of people in the world -- that we don't get to see often at all.

It's the biggest struggle of my life right now, honestly. Not fevers, banged heads, development markers. Not ratings, deadlines, story ideas. Not budgets, daycares, a dirty house.

I've chosen this career path, which brings with it moves. And more than one of them. I've been fortunate enough to stay in my home state thus far. And I hope it stays that way... But Texas is a big damn state.

So, if Facebook allows me the platform to share pictures of this beautiful boy, who is growing way too fast, with the awesome group of friends and family that love us so strongly from so far away, that's what I'm going to do. I continue to appeal to these people to be understanding about our distance. To visit, to buy gas, buy plane tickets, take time. And some of them do, graciously. Constantly trying to balance taking time off, my husband taking time off, so that we can get away - ever so briefly - for visits here and there. Handling travel with a baby, driving through the night so he can sleep, being 'that person' on an airline with a screaming baby because we foolishly forgot the bottle at Nana's house and his ears are popping. Coming home to piles of laundry, to do lists, housekeeping to be done during the week rather than on days off.

For those we can't visit, and who can't make it here, I'm going to share every milestone, every sweet moment, every glimpse into this growing little boy's life with them. And continue to appreciate the love that we've been given from so many.

The other side to it is, not every one of my contacts on Facebook are in that group of awesome friends and family described above. And there is nothing wrong with that. I'm a big fan of calling things as they are. People play different roles in your life. And some are those pointless Facebook friends. That are only there because you grew up in a small town in West Texas and knew their name.

To those people who may be tired of seeing the baby pictures, whether it's because they don't have kids yet and want them, or they despise kids, or despise happiness and cuteness. Hell, I don't know....

Unfriend me. 

I'm fine. I'll be fine.

As for me, I'm just going to be incredibly thankful that I have this venue to share the beauty of my son with the people that love him so much, from so far away. And hope those baby-pic-haters have or find something they love and cherish enough to want to capture images of and share with their loved ones as much as I do for my little boy.

Hope you stick around for future blog posts. And to be honest, hope I stick to it, too. (I'll tell ya' - this isn't the first blog I've started. :/ )

-Be kind to yourself, please.